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I/We declare that I/we have personally checked the Title Deeds or any other document for the property concerned and that the proposed work is not contrary to any restrictive conditions or servitudes applicable thereto. I/We further declare that the boundary beacon pegs conform with positions as per the applicable approved SG Diagram. I/We further declare that the application does not conflict with any other applicable laws, for which the owner is responsible for ensuring compliance prior to submitting this application eg: National Heritage Resources Act, 1999, National Environmental Management Act, 1998, Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000, etc., and that ALL information as provided is true and correct. In the event of any contraventions, I/we will bear the sole responsibility to rectify the aforesaid contraventions. I hereby undertake to complete the building work in accordance with the approved building plans, including all endorsements and attachments. I am fully aware of the fact that a Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained from the Municipality prior to the premises being occupied.

(Written permission is required where the Owner is a Company, Trust, Religious organization, Body Corporate, home owners Association etc. Please refer to http://www.durban.gov.za/City_Services/development_planning_management/Pages/default.aspx , for more information)

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Further information can be found at http://www.durban.gov.za/City_Services/development_planning_management/Pages/default.aspx

Check online GIS http://gis.durban.gov.za/gis_Website/internetsite/#top

The appointed Registered Professional is reminded of his / her responsibility to ensure that the required level of compliance is achieved in the design of the proposal through one of the methods contained in Reg. AZ4 of the National Building Regulations & Building Standards Act. I acknowledge that non-compliance with the applicable legislation will delay the approval of the application. I understand that repeated applications not meeting standards will be reported to the South African Council for Architectural Professionals.

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