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1. “For Sale”, “To Let”, “Sold”, and “On Show” Signs

These ground signs may be placed at right angles, a maximum of 100mm (i. e 10cm) away from the boundary wall of the property. There is also a restriction on the number of “For Sale” signs with 1 sign being permitted per agency and no more than 2 agencies being permitted to advertise on a property. “Sold” signs may be erected on the property only once the property has been sold and may only remain for a period of thirty days thereafter.

2. Pointer / “On Show” Signs

Pointer boards may be permitted provided that they are placed in the desired positions where they should not obstruct traffic nor should they be placed on the middle of road intersections, especially not on road islands, and should not be placed on major roads (freeways), from sunrise on a Saturday but must be removed by 6pm on the Sunday. Agents are reminded to ensure that the uses of such signs are not to cause any hindrance to the safety of road users by causing an obstruction or obscuring important road signage. The use of only 4 signs outside a property being advertised for “On Show” is permissible

3. Restriction on Sizes of Sign

As per the Bylaws, “On Show” and “For Sale” signs have a standard size of 600cmX460cm or (0,55m²) for single signs or 0,65m² for two joined boards. Estate Agencies who do not adhere to this norm face the consequences of having their boards removed and having fines imposed (according the legislated tariff fees).

4. Restriction on Literature on Advertising Signs (For Sale Signs only)

a. “For Sale”
b. The name and telephone number of the Estate Agency and Estate Agent advertising the property
c. “Sole Mandate” or “Agency” and
d. A slogan advertising a property being “On Show this Sunday” which must be removed after the show house has been concluded.


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1. All application forms are to be submitted in original format, as fax/copies are not permitted.
2. Application fees are non-refundable. (Applicable from 1 July 2012)

Prior to uploading your various documents and plans please take note of the following:
  1. All document/plans being uploaded MUST be in a pdf format
  2. Only upload ONE document at a time
  3. There must NOT be any space NOR special characters in the name of your pdf.  eg. 245weststreet.pdf
  4. The maximum allowable upload size is 200Mb per upload

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