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Purpose: The purpose of this process is to provide an initial response to your enquiry in order to guide your actions. It is based on the biodiversity attributes of the receiving environment and on relevant and applicable environmental legislation.
What is D’MOSS? “D’MOSS” refers to the Durban Metropolitan Open Space System. D’MOSS is a system of open spaces, some 78,000 ha of land and water, that incorporates areas of high biodiversity value linked together in a viable network of open spaces.
D'MOSS may be found as a green (switchable) layer on the Council’s Geographic Information System (GIS).
The GIS is accessible from the web site below: http://gis.durban.gov.za/ethekwinimunicipality/viewer/cgisPublicViewer.html

Timeframe: The enquiry process can take up to 10 working days to complete.
If you still require further information, please complete the form below. A reference number will be allocated to your query and a response returned to you within the allocated time period. Please use this number in all future correspondence regarding this matter.
Complete and return via E-mail to Nokuphila Buthelezi: nokuphila.buthelezi@durban.gov.za
*Note : 2000 Character Limit

*Note : 2000 Character Limit

If applicable, the following information can be included in your enquiry submission:

• A map showing the preferred burn site, and/or proposed firebreaks

• Details of any previous fire control undertaken on the site, including wild fires(if known)

• Any previous environmental studies/reports undertaken for the site

• Site Development Plan (if relevant)

• Any preliminary drawings/designs relating to the proposed use of the site(if relevant)

Prior to uploading your various documents and plans please take note of the following:
  1. All document/plans being uploaded MUST be in a pdf format
  2. Only upload ONE document at a time
  3. There must NOT be any space NOR special characters in the name of your pdf.  eg. 245weststreet.pdf
  4. The maximum allowable upload size is 200Mb per upload

Document Date Document Type Document Name Action