Application for use of council Property Hoarding

This application form must be produced at the Development Management Branch for consideration of the use of Council property/hoarding.

Parking Bays



Per a week or part thereof for every square metre of street are occupied, or

Per 3 months


Per bay by each week or part thereof thereafter

3) Approval to be optained from Ethekwini trnsport authority

4) Refer to Regional Maps

Loading Zone:

per week or part thereof for every square metre of street area occupied.

2) Approval to be obtained from Ethekwini Transport Authority.

3) Refer to Regional Maps.

TEL: (031)311-7054/(031)311-7303

FAX: (031)311-7830

Enquiries: 166 KE Masinga (Old Fort) Road, Durban,4001





This Document is to be completed and signed in black ink and every alteration thereafter shall be likewise signed

*Note : 2000 Character Limit

i/we undertake that i/we will:

a) Take or cause to be taken such precautions as may be directed by the Head Development Planning, Environment and Environment Unit and, independently of any such directions, such othre precautions as may be reasonable to protect from damage all property of services vested in or under the control of the Municipality including, without derogating from the foregoing, any street, pavement, kerbing, channeling, scoops, entrance driveways, street lighting, traffic signalor sign, street furniture and any drainage sewerage, electricity, water or other pipes conduits and equipment, which may in the opinion of the Head Development Planning Environment and Environment Unit be damaged or affected by the carrying out of the said work;

b) When called upon to do so, pay the eThekwini Municipality the difference between any deposits made by me/us in terms of, and actual cost of reparing and making good any of the said property and/or services as certified by the Head Development Planning, Environment and Environment Unit.

3. I/We hereby indemnify and hold harmless the eThekwini Municipality and all Officers and servants thereof against any claim whatsoever in nature arising out of the cause of which is connected with the execution of the said work or damage to or affecting the said property and services.

4. I/We the unersigned, being the aforesaid owner do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint:

With power of substitution to be my true nad lawful agent, to sign all documents and provide such information as required by the National Building Regulations and Building Standard Act (103 of 1977) as amended, of an owner and to do whatsoever shall be necessary as effectively as I could do if personally present and hereby promising to ratify and confirm all that my agent shall lawfully do by virtue hereof.

This undertaking and indemnity shall be of full force and effect in respect of all work referred to in paragraph 1 hereof and any act or omission arising there from or in connection therewith, whether ec=xecuted, performed or mitted by the undersigned or by any other person on his/her behalf, whether as an employee, agent, sub-contractor, supplier or otherwise.


1) Where the owner is a company or other companny or other corporate body, this form should be accompanied by a Resolution of such company corporate body authorising the signatory to sign on behalf of the vompany/coporate body.
2) Where the signatorie not the owner, this form should be accompanied by a Power of Attorney authorizing the signatory to sign on behalf of the owner.

Ethekwini Transport Security

30 Archie Gumade (old forte) Place, City Engineers Building, First Floor

Development Planning Environment & Management Unit

Building Inspectorate Branch

Use of Council Property/Hoarding

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