Application for Street Pole Flags/Tollgate Bridge Banner

I herewith make application in accordance with the Advertising Signage Bylaws & Policy for permission to display/erect Street Pole Flags/Tollgate Bridge Banner.

(Please specify if application is for a "Street Pole Flag" or "Tollgate Bridge Banner".)

Application Details

Postal Address for correspondance

Name of business Along with type

(please select from these options: Sole Proprietor , cc , Pty(Ltd), Partnership, Other)

Sign Contractor/Agent Details

Postal Address for Correspondence

Insurance Details


(please select from these options:"PVC" or "Other".)


Pre-Acceptance Scrutiny Checklist


  1. Should the applicant fail to meet the requirements of the scrutiny list, the relevant items will be marked with ‘X’. The application will be returned for correction and re-submission.
  2. All Application forms are to be submitted in original format, as faxed copies are not permitted.
  3. Compliance with the above list does not presuppose approval of the application by this Department.
  4. Application fees are non-refundable.

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