Temporary Building: Use of Council Property

Dear Valued Customer

For a speedy processing of your application, kindly take note of the following:
1. The application must be completed in full and duly signed in all respects, including the indemnity.
2. Three (3) copies of a clear/ neat site plan must accompany the application, which must inter alia indicate:

3. The erection of a temporary structure in excess of 80m2 and stage with a clearance of >1.0m, must be supervised and certified by a competent person (Form 2,SANS 10400:p78-81).
4. With effect from 1st July 2014, this department will no longer make free copies of documents. Kindly refer to the price list or proide your own copies.
in terms of Regulation A23(7) of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (103 of 1977, as amended) "if any plans and details have not been submitted to the Local Authority or if the Local Authority has refused to grant approval in respect thereof, the owner shall forthwith remove or demolish such building".
Your cooperation in the above regard would immensely enhance service delivery.

Kind regards


Events Document Quick Checklist

1. Is the application form fully completed and duly signed in all respects?
2. Is the indemnity included/signed?
3. Did you include 3 copies of a clear/ neat site plan, depicting:
Dimensions & Seating capacity of the temporary structure(s)?
Street Address/ Entrance & Exit points to the property?
Sanitary facilities, IF the venue does not have the facilities?
Parking allocation?
4.For structres in excess of 80m2 or stage>1.0m high, did you complete form 2,SANS 10400(pg78-81),(ORIGINAL COPIES)?
5. All Plans are endorsed by a competent person: Erection of structure(s) to be suprevised and certificate of stability to be issued after erection. (ORIGINAL COPIES)?
6. Did you provide a duplicate of the form?

If you answered NO/Unchecked any of the above questions, regrettably your application cannot be processed yet.

Prior to uploading your various documents and plans please take note of the following:
  1. All document/plans being uploaded MUST be in a pdf format
  2. Only upload ONE document at a time
  3. There must NOT be any space NOR special characters in the name of your pdf.  eg. 245weststreet.pdf
  4. The maximum allowable upload size is 200Mb per upload

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