eThekwini Municipality eServices²

What is eServices

eServices is a self service facility that eThekwini Municipality offers to individuals, managing agents, companies and organisations.

eServices offers:

  • Update account information
  • Delivery of accounts by email
  • Copy of previous accounts

Coming soon:

  • Residential Rates Rebate

How to use eServices

Follow these steps to start using eServices:

  1. Register
  2. Respond to activation email
  3. Login
  4. Update your profile
  5. Link accounts to emails

Each page in eServices has an expandable Instruction panel to help you.

NB. It is important to respond to any activation email sent by eServices.

Contact us

Customer Care Line: 031 324 5000

Fax Number: 031 324 5111

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 07:30 to 16:30

Saturdays: 07:30 to 11:30

LAND DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS: STATUTORY ETHEKWINI PROCESS AND IMPLEMENTATION You are cordially invited to a meeting to discuss the most recent changes to the eThekwini Municipal Land Use Management online submission portal. These recent changes have been implemented in line with Section 22 (2) of the eThekwini Planning and Land Use Management By-Law and the impacts on the Enquiry part of a Statutory Application (this does not apply to Building Plans/PA Plans). In essence the LUMS On-line Portal has changed. There is a new “tab/ button” that now requires comments to be uploaded prior to an application being converted to a LUM (Planning application). This aligns with our Bylaw, under section 22(2), which states that an applicant must obtain comments on a Statutory Land Development Applications from internal and external Line Departments. The engagement of the applicant directly with the relevant internal and external Line Departments at the Enquiry stage is not new as this was being done prior to the on-line system and COVID and the By-Law has always been written that way. This way the applicant has more control and responsibility to engage and resolve line department issues upfront. This meeting will allow us to discuss the process from the Land Use Management side, the comments sheets to be generated, and also a operational Manual to assist Consultants and Applicants with a step by step description of how to use the new process online. Your attendance would be greatly appreciated. INVITE: MS TEAMS 22 November 2023: 9h30-11h30 You can contact the Land Use Management Assistants (details below) in the different regions for the link to the meeting. NORTH: Nancy Moonsamy (Nancy.moonsamy@durban.gov.za) (031-3116063) Inner West: Landiwe Zulu (Landiwe.zulu@durabn.gov.za) (031-3221919) Outer West: Zanele Luthuli (Zanele.luthuli2@durban.gov.za) (031-3112763) Central: Bella Phillips (Bella.phillips@durban.gov.za); sanelesiwe Simamane (Sanelesiwe.Khuzwayo@durban.gov.za), (Jenesha Seeban (Jenehsa.Seeban@durban.gov.za) ; Zethu Madikizela (Subusisiwe.madikizela@durban.gov.za) (031 – 3117607 / 3117569 / 3117847 / 3117309/ South : Thandi Sishi (Thandi.sishi@durban.gov.za) ; Logie Moodley (Logie.Moodley@durban.gov.za) (031 – 3115833 / 3115834).
*Please note: All queries related to eServices should be sent to : Correspondence